Our success story

A dream that has flown across borders

We were founded in 1990 by Antonio Ruik, a former Air Force pilot who in the 70’s became one of the first Lear Jet 35A Captains in the world.

During his early career as a presidential pilot, Antonio came to understand the need for a pilot was to “just concentrate on flying”, the rest should be taken care of by others. The dream was born – to provide tailor made solutions for business aviation in Latin America.

The dream was passed on from one generation to the next, Alejandro Ruik a young economist with broad worldwide view shaped this into a round-the-clock personalized service (WIP: ISO 9001:2015).

A vital geographical locations strategy done by Alejandro gave the foundations for the exponential growth achieved.

That dream is now a reality, and the service is provided by highly qualified personnel (e.g. experienced pilots and aviation experts), tailored to the needs of individual customers. making this unique.

That level of commitment remains today, embedded in Pike’s DNA, and forming the foundation daily activities